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Three Simple Steps to Peak Business Profitability 

Step 1: 


Insights on the financial health of your business. 

Step 2:  Collaborate

Craft your success plan with a trusted, dedicated CFO.

Step 3: 


Professional guidance to stay on track with your goals.


Achieve Your Wellness Business Goals 

  • You’re building your business to enhance the wellness of others. You need the strategic financial insights of an experienced Chief Financial Officer to keep your own financial position healthy and growing now, and in the future.

  • As a wellness entrepreneur, your business requires a solid foundation of accurate financial information and advanced management insights that will help you navigate your existing challenges and achieve your future goals with flexibility, confidence, and ease.

  • When you work with us, you’ll have a dedicated team of financial professionals and a proven system of bookkeeping, forecasting, and consulting that will help you see the full picture of your business with the support needed to maximize growth potential.


The Financial Wellness Success Plan

Discover the three elements of healthy business growth.


Chelsea Zainea

Did you go into business to focus on business finance? Unlikely! You are probably really good at doing the things that your clients love. So why sweat the numbers when we can take care of them for you?

This is why Peak Financial Wellness exists, to help wellness businesses like yours thrive with financial clarity and  confidence. Book a call now and get on the path to successfully achieving your goals.


"Chelsea has been amazing to work with. She has helped our new business get a better grasp on our finances. Our monthly meetings have helped us with budgeting and planning so that we can better project where our business is headed and help us continue to grow. Chelsea and Peak Financial Wellness are a key part of our business team and we’d highly recommend her to others."

- Nicole Short

"One of the best decisions I have made was hiring PFW!! As a small business owner I have appreciated Chelsea helping me to set monthly goals and helping to take my business to the next level! She’s very passionate about what she does, listens well, and does thorough work! I highly recommended her!"

- Stephanie Custis

"I'm a service professional and not a numbers person. I hired Chelsea after trying to manage my own books for a few years. She cleaned up my errors and a few categories so that when we run reports I'm thoroughly confident of their accuracy. She answers all my questions in a way I can understand. I love having peace of mind when it comes to my business' finance. Chelsea is a critical part of my team. I highly recommend her!"

- Erin May

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